Bright | Fresh | Affordable - A simple expat living space redecorate

Bec and her family have moved to China, where her husband works as a school principal. They were provided with an apartment as accommodation, but with limited choice on furniture and decor. The beige, beige and more beige was doing Bec’s head in (understandably) so she asked me for some help. Here's what she sent. BEFORE house1

The first things I thought were,

- Those red chairs are actually pretty cool and workable - There needs to be some contrast and colour. - Artwork! - A bit of storage was needed too, because the kids play in this space. - Greenery. Every room needs some plants, even if they're fakeys.

I felt a colourful design vibe coming on, but having Bec all the way over in China, there wasn't a lot I knew about her local homewares stores. This challenge would have been easily overcome, I would have had Bec choose some of her favourite stores with an online presence, and I could easily check out their sites and make selections. Fortunately, Bec wanted to use Ikea. Its affordable, easy, and familiar for her, and lets face it, they have some really great stuff. So I made her a moodboard and list of selections, including a super cool art piece from Etsy. (The bicycle).

Microsoft Word - Becs Lounge.docx

She loved it, went and did some shopping, and set it all up at her place. It's so much brighter and happier for her and the kids, practical and colourful, and a pleasure to be in. She was really tossing up between the LAPPLJUNG RUTA rug, and something a bit more safe in pattern, and kid friendly in colour. But I convinced her otherwise. I love this rug. It adds a modern dynamic to any room and matches almost any decor. It's a classic in my books, and looks great in her lounge. What an amazing difference just a few changes can make, and it helps to have that extra set of professional eyes to help the process.

Jade was so awesome at working out what this room needed. This bold style isn't usually what I'd go for, but I gave it a shot, and I LOVE it. It was so good to have a professional help me with it, I would've just stayed with safe colours and ended up a bit boring. This is so much better. I'd recommend Jade to anyone. Even long distance, she got back to me really fast, and got the work done super quick. Thanks so much Jade!