Chair Design Hot Seat of the Day - Egg Chair

Leather Egg Chair It's an unmistakeable classic, an icon of the mid century modern movement, Arne Jacobsen's 'Egg Chair'.

This chair was designed in 1958 for the hotel Radisson SAS in Copenhagen. At the time, it was extravagant and expensive, and designed for opulent living.

It's reputation as a luxury and iconic furniture piece makes it a popular feature chair in stylish homes.

This popular seat even has it's own online community, where you can find everything 'egg chair' you ever imagined, and if you are really super keen, here is a video showcasing the true art of creating one. Fritz Hansen - Birth of an Egg Chair

To get hold of an original , you'd be looking at about $7000. But there are some gorgeous replicas around. My personal favourite replica is this one here, from Matt Blatt. I love the twist on a cow hide rug, and that texture will really add something special to the room. This chair would be a key feature item set to steal the show in any room.

Cowhide Egg

For a more affordable option, try Milan Direct furniture.