Want a designer website? 5 fabulous Australian examples.

Interior designers’ websites and blogs are some of my favourite places to poke around. They are a great place to find inspiration and trends. Today I looked at the layout of some websites themselves, to identify the design principles they’ve used, and what they might speak to customers. This is a small collection of popular blogs and design houses in Brisbane and Melbourne; some of my current favourite inspiration.

Wrightson Stewart Interior Design - Brisbane



This layout uses simple clean lines, with minimal colour. The image is the focal point, which features any colour, texture and pattern. The balance is asymmetrical, with use of rhythm with the page menu, and the numbers on the project pages.

The dominating image communicates confidence that their work speaks for itself, and the rotating image showcases their experience. You can get a sense of whether or not you like their work, within a few seconds of being on the site. This is important, because the average time spent on any given web page is about 10 seconds.

The profile blurb is very professional sounding, with plenty of lovely words to attract the corporate professional for their home or office project.

Wrightson Stewart’s work has an industrial feel, with a masculine edge to it. Their work on the Tenneriffe apartment is highly acclaimed, and some of my personal favourite at the moment! Be sure to check out their photo galleries.

Highgate House – Brisbane interior designers and decorators.



This site is a similar style to Wrightson Stewart in it’s minimalist approach to the website itself. Black and white is such a classic colour combo, communicating a sense of timelessness. The front image is even bigger on this site, really dominating and showcasing the work, offering visual variety on a clean background. There is use of line and shape in the profile page, creating an asymmetrical balance with image and text. A photo of the owner, Leigh Boswell is a lovely personal touch, mainly because she looks so happy and friendly. The interiors are warm and inviting, with a seamless mix of classic and modern. The entire site exudes feminine warmth, while maintaining a professional edge.

The Design Files – Blog



The Design Files front page features the latest post, which in this blog always dominates with an image. (We are finding a theme here!) The colours are minimal, slightly contrasting the white with grey. A pop of yellow breaks up the sparsity with an element of fun.

This blog is an inspirational resource for designers of all kinds. There is something new and wonderful every day, showcasing talents and crafts of all kinds.

There is a great use of minimal colour for separating categories. The watermelon colour continues throughout anything relating to ‘Retail’, and other categories have their own colours. It brings a sense of organisation, and professionalism. Overall it's a really simple and well organised format, again, highlighting the real feature… the design.

Bloom Interior Design - Melbourne



Melbourne Design firm Bloom stands out, because they have worked out a cute and sneaky strategy to make you delve further in.

The home page, is completely black and white, changing images included. This immediately stands out from all the other sites, because it’s very unusual in a designers context. It makes me curious, and as you enter into the project page, and accidentally scroll over one of the gorgeous images, it comes to life with colour!

Amazing use of tone, and colour. Line is dominating in the Project section with a perfect grid of thumbnails that make you want to see more of the room.

Again, it is a relatively minimalist website design, but the wax seal ‘B’ is an organic and classic logo style as a break from the clinical white.

The font style is simplistic and nicely spaced.

Shannon Fricke - Blog



Shannon Fricke is an interior designer and stylist, with a list of recogniseable work a mile long. Her blog website is very feminine and delicate, and really easy to navigate. The offerings are simple, and accessible through a short line of menu items. There is more colour to this site than some of the others, but it is all pastel and slight.

Again, it is visually dominant information, but there is a use of large font size, in almost a graphical way, to communicate sections and pages simply.

A really fun and lovely website, it is casual, comfortable and eclectic.