Chat + Snap


Digital profile session with Jade.

First we chat, and then we snap.

We all know how hard it is to write about yourself, and that selfie you’re using is nice, but your profile pic could be better. Am I right? This Digital Profile package is exactly what you need to look good across your social media and web platforms. From LinkedIn to Tinder - I’ll help you tell your story!

So….let’s talk about YOU. Put on your favourite outfit. We’ll meet at your favourite beverage place, and talk business, life and whatever it is you’re up to. I’ll ask you some questions, probably tell you about something deep I’ve been pondering and a dumb thing I’ve done that week. You can tell me stories, I’ll take some notes, and hopefully we can laugh. Then we’ll find a spot nearby and get some great photos.


✔ PROFILE PICS - Several professional photos you can use across your social media, website, email, Tinder, whatever you like!

✔ MINI STRATEGY - Who are you talking to, what’s your message and how you will share it.

✔ BIO - A brief paragraph about how awesome you are.

Example strategy

OK, this sounds great…what next?!

It's the 5 step program to a new you! (well…the new online you.)

1. Think about a location. It’d be great to meet at your favourite cafe within the Brisbane CBD and surrounds, let me know if you need some help deciding.

2. Check out the schedule and available times, nominating your preferred date. The session cost is $249, and payment is required up front to secure your booking.

3. I will be in touch with your pre-homework (just a couple of questions and suggestions).

4. Turn up on the day with a sense of fun and your favourite outfit.

5. Then, I will send you everything - your gorgeous pictures, a mini strategy for your content or business, or whatever it is we’ve talked about, including words for your personal bio. Yay!

Check out the happy clients, and book a session! I can’t wait to meet you.


Jackie - retouched.jpg
I was really getting out of my introvert comfort zone, but Jade made me feel relaxed, and we had a lot of fun. She gave me some very good marketing advice too.
— Jackie - Accountant
Photo 21-3-18, 11 49 49.jpg
Working with Jade is an absolute pleasure. She is professional and approachable so you immediately feel at ease - so important for getting your photo taken! She is up for adventure and thinks outside the box with a million brilliant ideas. I definitely recommend working with her.
— Selise - Freelance Writer
If you don’t like the idea of a photo shoot, contact Jade! You’re having so much fun, being the main frame doesn’t feel awkward. It’s great working with someone who has a sense of style, she creatively added props for me, to subtly tell a story. Loved my photos!
— Leanne - Entrepreneur + Podcaster


Let’s get chattin’! (Also, please read the brief but important Terms & Conditions.)

Not ready to book? Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.