DIY - The easiest and coolest noticeboard.

I'm not big into DIY  to be really honest. But I have seen a few of these around and came up with a super simple, and super cheap version that I couldn't wait to share! 


Brown paper roll

White powder coated metal chain, small links. Choose any colour you like though!  

A screw in hook

This is so simple it hardly deserves a description, but for those of you who need some guidance, here you go. 

Thread the chain through the centre hole in the brown paper roll.



Tie the two ends of the chain, at the desired length you'd like. Dont be jealous of my well manicured hands. 


You can clip the chain with some bolt cutters or something, if you want to, but I like the idea of a long chain. 


Screw in the hook at desired location, and hang the chain on it. (That's a hard step, email me if you need some help!) You could try to hook a couple of the links over the hook itself for extra strength. My hook is on the top of a partition wall near the entrance of my studio, so it hangs over a little. And that's the unseen part of my paint job you're all getting a good look at now.


Pull it down to how big you'd like the notice board or sign to be, and you can blue tac or even washi tape the bottom. 



Write and draw something silly on it.  

Then you have a reusable place to write welcome notes, lists, amazing inspirational quotes, or just to remind yourself of what your name is on those crazy busy days.  

The brown paper I got is from Kmart, and has a kind of plastic backing to it, which is great for making sure you don't  accidentally write on the wall!  I like using brush pens too, to practice my fancy looking writing. 


Here's a video version! Please share if you think it's cool. Because I can do way cooler stuff than this, and I'd like to show you if you stick around. 

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