My desire as a designer, and as a human, is that we live intentionally, in purposeful spaces that reflect our unique hearts and individual lives
— Jade Goulding, Designer


Jokes. It's not true. It's definitely not true at my house. 

You may not be able to have a beautiful magazine-looking home all the time. But you can be happy in your space. And that's what I'm about. 

I don’t want you to fill your house with cheap crap. But I’m not going to suggest ridiculously overpriced stuff. I’m much more interested in what YOU like.  What I like, is locally-made designs, vintage store treasures, and hunting down the ideal piece, whether that be a bargain, or an investment. 

I don’t just rely on the trends that are in style at the moment. I like to help you find your own style.

I love to bring together old and new, aged and fresh. I am ripped jeans and feminine floral shirts. Worn wood and smooth white fabric.

I create spaces that are beautiful to look at, and a joy to be in. But they can get messy, and that's ok. 

Your home is more than just the sum of your possessions. It’s the sanctuary you keep returning to, and the place you launch from each day.

The space you live in will reflect and shape the life you lead.

If you’re deliberate about the choices you make, if you’re intentional about the way you design your space to suit the lifestyle you want, then you can have a place with purpose.

This business has developed from my  life philosophy that we should spend our time doing things that we love.

For me, that is design that makes the world a better place. Whether through the functionality of a home kitchen, the durability of a commercial bathroom, the innovation of our field to help more people in the world, or simply the beauty of arranging objects in order to tell a story about your brand… I. Love. Design.

It’s no denying that it is one mission juggling two beautiful kids, a craft beer brewer husband and several business projects between us, but I wouldn’t do it any other way. I am always looking for ways to simplify our home lives and the entrepreneurial journey and I love to share that here in the blog.  You'll also get references to 90’s music, my quirky op shop finds, film photography, local design, my travel experiences and anything that is inspiring. Hook up with me on INSTAGRAM!

You can connect with me, and Style + Space on the social medias and if you have any questions, enquiries, comments, don’t hesitate to touch base here.

xx Jade