[Me looking like a dickhead]

[Me looking like a dickhead]

Hey. You. Did you disappear somewhere under the mountains of nappies and new layers of immovable postnatal body fat?

Or, did you get crippled somewhere along the way, by all the ridiculous expectations of life as a woman in this modern age?

Maybe, lighting a candle and having a bath didn’t magically fix your anxiety.

You're probably content and hard working and happy with all that's going on! 

Or if you’re like me… all of the above.

I’ve tried ever so hard to recover from the disease I think of as "The Societal Debacle of being a Woman" and now, 8 years after my first baby, I finally feel like I might be returning to the real Jade again. But better. If you've visited here before, you'll know I am a stylist/interior designer/photographer but I've changed tact. I've been wanting to open this up. Open up the conversation about being a lady in the fast paced modern life we have. That's a very white person way of saying LIFE IS FULL and sometimes very HARD. Let's talk about that. While I show you some of the shit I do. Check the blog.