[Me thinking about writing a dating profile]

[Me thinking about writing a dating profile]

This is a bit like writing a bloody dating profile. How do I capture your attention? Show you all the best parts of my personality.. not too much, just enough to keep you interested? Show you that I'm down to earth and creative and have a good career, and I'm attractive and fun, but also want to be honest about some of the things people consider to be 'baggage'? Agh! 

OK. Here goes... 

Bloody Marys. They might be my favourite thing. But they're pretty polarising, are you a yay or a nay on BMs?
I like cheese, and I'm a word nerd.
I have a super busy brain, and I like spontaneous adventures, especially overseas.
I’m a "book-the-cheap-flights-and-worry-about-the-rest-later" kind of person.
Beach and city are where it's at for me. They're my soul filling destinations.
I’ve had countless iterations of businesses and blog efforts over the last 8 years.
And I’m totally cool with trying stuff and failing.
So. What you’ll find around here…


I work in marketing and communication. I studied it, and have worked hard in various areas of the field since I was 21. I'm fascinated with how we communicate with each other, and how businesses and organisations communicate to us. My favourite aspect is visual representation of a message in form of design and photography. But I'm definitely a word nerd, and more recently and surprisingly, have also become a data nerd. Which is awesome for my job. I'm not satisfied just knowing that I've made an ad, or written a post, I want to see how it performed, and what impact it had, and where improvements can be made.

My current side hustle offering is pretty simple. The Chat + Snap Digital Profile Session is a fun way to help people get better photos and words for their own business, professional role or project. I secretly hope to help people with their dating profiles too! Way easier than writing my own.


I love style. It's a cliche, but true style never goes out of fashion. I believe style is the deliberate decisions you make about how you engage with life - your clothes, your space, your food, your job, your music, your relationships.. whatever your deliberate choices are, is what makes your style. There is a lot that happens to us that isn't deliberate, we drift in the flow of the world around us if we don't make a choice. And that flow might just take you somewhere you don't want to be. So I write about my own journey in all of that.


I live with high functioning anxiety and depression. My head is running wild with ideas about ways to live better, to be a better human, understanding the way the world works and how to change it, and it drives me fckn mental sometimes. And I have some considerable chronic pain thrown in too.  I am learning about it, embracing it as part of life, always figuring out how to manage it. I’m not inviting you to my pity party, I’m inviting conversation. That shit can get real crazy, and we need to be more open so we can remove stigma.


I do life in Brisbane, Australia, with these 2 beautiful, smart, empathetic, sassy AF, girl-boss daughters, but I'm on a new life journey. My husband and I split up about a year ago, which has been sooooo challenging, but the right thing for everyone. We spent 11 years together, and we do the split well. We talk, we live separately but we co-parent, we still hang out sometimes, and we will aim to do it well for the rest of our lives. It's not conventional, but it's our way of honouring the love commitment we made to each other, and it's better than fighting, right? You're probably like "WTF" so there's more to unpack there, for sure. I’ll probably write about that more as time goes on.

So, anyway, welcome to my oversharing lifestyle blog. Style for your life, space for your mind, and you are welcome to be here. I share about my life and the things that I do for a (gluten free) crust. I've got some stories to tell, and I want to tell yours too.

xx Jade

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