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My desire as a designer, and as a human, is that we live intentionally, in purposeful spaces that reflect our unique hearts and individual lives
— Jade Goulding, Creative Director

This is the hardest part to write. The part where I tell you all about the great things I can do, and try and win your business. So, here goes...

My superpower is creating the visual. Whether it's a home space, a digital ad campaign, a business head shot, or a catalogue photo shoot, I have a refined talent for conceptualising and creating, and years of experience communicating concepts, facts, personalities and emotions, in a visual way.

What does that mean? It means I work with clients to capture what they are trying to say, process it, intuitively add to it, and present back in whatever format we are working with. The rational, straight to the point version: I am an experienced marketing and communication professional, who has broadened my natural inclination for the creative, into design, and have combined all of my skills to offer a unique consulting service. I work with regular people, large businesses and anything in between on the following things: 

  • INTERIORS: I help people decide how to lay out their home, and what furniture and accessories show who they are, and ensure they feel comfortable and happy in their space. 
  • STYLING: I curate and place specially selected items to demonstrate a mood, an emotion, a lifestyle, a vocation, a journey, to create strong imagery. 
  • MARKETING: I consult with businesses to choose not only, colours, materials, furniture and spaces; but words, and communication mediums to showcase their products, and better engage with their clients and audiences. 

Drop me a line to see how I can help you. 

x Jade